Shoot/Booking Information


There are a variety of photographing options as well as styles, prices, and hours. Below are a set of categories typically used for shoots. 

Abstract/Conceptual: $80-100, comes with props of your choosing (food, paint, glitter, make-up, costumes, etc.) typically ranges from 1-2 hours and can be done anywhere and at anytime. A very free-form artistic style open to anyone who is willing (if you think it we will do it).

Senior Portraits: $70, 1-2 hours, (comes with printed formats of pictures in different styles, ask if wanted)

Portfolios/Portraits: $60 for an hour

Lingerie: $70 for an hour

Family Photos: $80 for an hour

Business/Clothing: $50 for an hour

Videos: $100 for 1-2 days (email for more detail)


All shoots come with a burned disc holding all of the edited and or original photos and digital high resolution url containing all photos online.

If you choose to have your photographs edited, they will be kept as natural to the original image as possible. Though blemish removal, skin smoothing, and personal built filters can be added.